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Thrust Bearings. Flat bearings feature a grooved race and steel cage to help move axial forces in one direction. Precision ball bearings can provide smooth rotation under high axial loads and low speeds, such as turntables, lead screws and machine tools.Thrust bearings are a type of rotary bearing that allow rotating parts to move smoothly while supporting axial loads (those parallel to the shaft) in one direction. They consist of roller elements encased in a cage, which sits between two thrust washers or raceways.


 Thrust Bearings Ball. Ball thrust bearings suit high-speed applications and light loads for high precision... Cylindrical Roller. Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are suitable for heavy loads... Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings.Thrust bearings include a broad range of bearings that accommodate axial loads. Also referred to as axial force, thrust is parallel to the axis of rotation. Depending on the application, there are many types and variations of thrust bearings. Ball thrust bearings effectively withstand pure thrust loads.


SKF BFSB 353312/HA1 Cojinetes de rodillos

0.459 Kg 33,5 kN
35 KBC

SKF BFSB 353210 Cojinetes de empuje

38,1 15,2 kN
38,1 mm 30 mm

SKF 351573 Cojinetes personalizados

4547359010534 6
19 19 mm

SKF BFSB 353247 Cojinetes tensos

118 mm 2.1
54 157

SKF BFSB 353201 Cojinetes de rodillo

38,1 63.5x123.825x38.1
63,5 Fersa

SKF BFSB 353285/HA4 Cojinetes de rodillos

7.58 0.0
110 2350 1/min / Limitin

SKF BFS 8000/HA1 Cojinetes de empuje

3000 r/min 340 kN
3.344 2.5 mm

SKF 350998 Rodillos y mantenimiento de componentes de suspensión

0.0 30
M30-6 0029176863844

SKF 353164 Cojinetes personalizados

2,5 mm 127x180.975x25.4
25,4 26,195 mm

SKF BFSB 353205 Cojinetes tensos

56 mm 55

SKF 351468 A Cojinetes de rodillo

4 300 r/min 1.4
12.81 Hz 0,82