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IKO Bearings provides our global industrial, aerospace, and defense customers with unique design solutions to complex problems and an unparalleled level of service, quality, and support. Complex bearing design simplified Bearings are a fundamental part of any machine: designing the moving parts properly can mean the difference between an efficient machine and one that continually wears out and breaks down. For this reason, bearing manufacturers are keen to help their customers get this part of the design absolutely right.


Plain bearings are used in many industries and across many applications where there is a need to cost-efficiently and reliably meet the challenge of oscillating movements and possible misalignment. From mining and construction equipment, farm and forestry machinery, all the way to forklift trucks and solar power equipment.The PC framework today who have developed extensively, has been a piece of the mechanical advancement in the public eye, living today without PCs resembles stop progress, as they are the most significant device in any action of day by day living, they help us to keep up our records, grow new innovations and interface us to the entire world.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
IKO NBX 1523Z Cojinetes Complejos 86 80 86 mm 0,105 Kg
IKO NAX 2030Z Cojinetes Complejos 14 mm 35 mm 20 000 r/min 3NCN1007
40 mm x 58 mm x 20 mm IKO NBXI 4032 Cojinetes Complejos 100 mm 34 mm CX NH220 E
60 mm x 85 mm x 34 mm IKO NATA 5912 Cojinetes Complejos 110 mm 100 mm 55,5 kN 20 mm
25 mm x 42 mm x 20,5 mm IKO NAXI 2530 Cojinetes Complejos 0.0 108 mm K89312-TV 9 mm
IKO NAX 1523 Cojinetes Complejos 34.925x44.450x12.70 21.2 kN 44.450 KOYO
IKO NAX 6040 Cojinetes Complejos 20.071 / 19.99 10.000 20 0.02 / 0.041 AST
20 mm x 37 mm x 20,5 mm IKO NAXI 2030Z Cojinetes Complejos NNU6032 V 20 mm x 37 mm x 20,5 mm 160 mm 240
12 mm x 24 mm x 16,5 mm IKO NAXI 1223Z Cojinetes Complejos 37,008 mm 3.751 Inch | 95.275M Ball Bearing RASE7/8
IKO NAX 4032Z Cojinetes Complejos 425 kN 215 47 mm 47 mm
9 mm x 21 mm x 16 mm IKO NAXI 923 Cojinetes Complejos 9 mm x 21 mm x 16 mm 22,23 22,23 mm SIGMA
30 mm x 47 mm x 20 mm IKO NAXI 3030 Cojinetes Complejos 18 mm 50 mm 102 mm 34 mm